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Campus/Lab FCP/LCP Input File Edits

Each month edit programs are run for all of the FCP/LCP campus/lab input files. Reports are produced which display counts for various fields and some of the errors that were detected with the data in the files.

These edit reports are available on MVS with the following naming convention:

FCP.EDxxxn.mmmyy.RPT, where xxx is an abbreviation for the file name (e.g., APP for Appointment file) and cc is the campus code (e.g., 04 for Los Angeles).

where n denotes campus/lab location (01=BK, 02=SF, etc.) and xxx denotes the file name (ACT for Activity file, EMP for Employee file, etc.

Detailed explanations of the acceptable values and error messages on the edit reports are available on the FCP Input File Edit Messages page.