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The UC Information Center

The University of California is continually influenced by both external and internal factors to re-evaluate its decision-making processes and the supporting BI and analytics technology architecture. Although UC has done a lot of work in making pertinent information that concerns the institution available to the public, there is still a need to create a single central source of information about the university that serves the UC community and the public at large.

With the increased interest in analytics and data visualization techniques, the opportunity arose to create a one-of-a-kind website that will be the main avenue used to present information about UC. The goal for this site was for it to employ data visualizations that will be narrative in nature and tell the UC story simply and succinctly.

This effort has led to the completion and rollout of the new UC Information Center aimed at providing quick, clear and easy access to information about the University of California. This website is open to the entire UC system and the general public. The site is aligned with the University of California website and can be accessed via: To meet the vision of the Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP) at UCOP to create a public facing website that will provide a single source of truth regarding UC data to both internal and external UC stakeholders, this brand new site has accomplished this goal by presenting data in three distinct ways:

  • The UC Storyboards: The storyboards are focused on data-driven narratives that weave multiple data visualizations to support a story line.
  • The UC Dashboards: The dashboards provide easy access and functionality to empower users to get answers to frequently asked questions. 
  • The UC Data Tables: These static and interactive reports provide an avenue for both internal and external stakeholders to view and download data from online data tables in different ways.

The site works well on desktops, tablets and cell phones. Data download capability is available from the select dashboards and data tables. There are also links on the site to IRAP briefing notes/facts sheets and the legislative map.

The UC Information Information Center has set us on an exciting journey. As we continue to improve the site in an effort to make it the go-to site for UC information, kindly visit your site and provide feedback via