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An enterprise-level Business Intelligence platform, Cognos provides consistent data in a variety of output formats, with a wide array of delivery and notification options. Enormously flexible, Cognos allows you to get down to every detail that’s important to you. Some of the primary features are:

  • Prompted reports. Accessible to UC Campuses, prompted reports provide consistent results, flexible reporting options, and a consistent look and feel.
  • Ad Hoc reporting. Available to UCOP business owners, ad hoc reporting allows for quick exploration of data and fast response-time to questions.
  • Automated delivery and notification of reports based on schedules or activities.
  • A variety of output formats including PDF, Excel, or HTML, allowing for the report to be presented in just the way it’s needed.
  • Metadata management to ensure consistent and clear access to the UC Information Center Data Warehouse.

To get started with Cognos via ad-hoc or prompted reporting, contact or view the Accessing Cognos page.