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Corporate Budget System (BUD)


The Corporate Budget System (BUD) is the repository of all campus permanent budget information. Its purpose is to consolidate information from the campuses and provide budget data by fiscal year including campus starting balances, adjustments, transfers, and increments. The information is primarily used by Budget Analysis and Planning (BAP) analysts at UCOP and the campuses. Campuses produce and submit files for BUD six times annually. BUD produces edit reports of campus files using its own tables as well as account and fund attributes extracted from the Corporate Account Fund Profile (CAF). Once the data is approved, BUD produces a suite of standard reports and the data is archived in the UCOP financial data warehouse.


Budget Analysis and Planning


Access to campus-specific edit reports is restricted to Budget Analysis and Planning and the submitting campus. Access to standard reports is also restricted to the campus and systemwide Budget Planning and Analysis customers. You can reach this logon site through Corporate Systems Gateway. Access to archived data is available to approved users of the UCOP financial data warehouse.

Technical Information

The Corporate Budget System (BUD) is a Web-based system running in a Unix environment. The data is stored in DB2 databases and the production jobs are written in Unix scripts and DataStage. BUD's reporting function requests information via a call to WebFocus, with results displaying in PDF format.

Input Specifications
File Layout