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Corporate Financial Systems


The Corporate Financial System (CFS) contains financial data for all UC campuses and is available to corporate functional offices for inquiry and reporting purposes. The primary source of data in the CFS is a monthly transmittal file from each of the ten UC campuses. Each campus file contains data reflecting current financial, budgetary, and encumbrance balances and current month financial activity in the campus's general ledger.

Campuses also provide an annual file as of December 31st containing asset data. The annual asset file provides current balances for assets and transactions reflecting calendar year activity. Assets on the file are identified by Capital Asset Account Numbers, or CAANs.


Corporate Financial data resides in the UCOP Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW). Standard reports are available via the web through the Corporate Systems Gateway (CSG) – these reports are parameter-driven, allowing for tailoring of standard reports to meet specific requests.

Technical Information

The CFS production system runs in the IBM mainframe environment using the MVS operating system. Data is stored in FOCUS databases and production jobs are written in FOCUS and COBOL. Data from the system is extracted and loaded into the Corporate Data Warehouse on a monthly basis. The Corporate Data Warehouse uses the DB2 database management software running on the UNIX platform.

The annual CFS Asset file provided by campuses is used to update data for CAAN-identified assets in the Corporate Asset Depreciation system.