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CAF Data Elements


The Office of the President Contracts and Grants Office (OPC&G) assigns Sponsor Codes and provides quarterly reports to both the campus Contracts and Grants and the campus Accounting Offices. The campus Contract and Grant Office is responsible for providing Federal and State Sponsor Codes to the Accounting Office when new contracts and grant agreements are received.

Campuses are required to provide Sponsor Codes for all funds in the following fund groups:

Fund Group Title Fund Group Code Fund Category

Capital funds - Plant Funds Group 100200 Federal Grants
Current funds Group 404210 State Contracts, Grants, & Cooperative Agreements
  405210* Local Government Grants & Cooperative Contracts
  406210 Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements
  406310 Federal Contracts
  408300* Private Grants - Restricted
  408410* Private Contracts - Restricted
  408420* Private Contracts - Clinical Drug Trials

*Sponsor Code required for these fund groups effective fiscal year 1999-2000 (sponsor code was previously optional).

On an optional basis, campuses may provide Sponsor Codes if they have been assigned to Private Gift funds in the following fund groups (please note that the Sponsor Category Code is required for funds in these groups and that Sponsor Codes may not be available for Private gift sponsors, since the OPC&G Office only assigns Sponsor Codes to contract and grant sponsors):

Fund Group Title Fund Group Code Fund Category

Capital funds - Plant Funds Group 100100 Gifts & Private Grants - Restricted
  100600 Gifts & Private Grants - Unrestricted
  408100 Private Gifts - Unrestricted
  408200 Private Gifts - Restricted

Campuses must not provide Sponsor Category and Sponsor Code for the following fund groups and specific fund numbers:

Fund Group Code Fund Number Fund Category

401000 19900-19999 General Funds
404110, 404120 18000-18199 Special State Appropriations
404220   State Overhead clearing
405220   Local Overhead clearing
406220   Federal Overhead clearing
406320   Federal Contracts Overhead clearing
407100 34100-39997 Endowment Income
408430   Private Gifts, Grants, and Contracts
- Overhead clearing

Refer to Appendix C: Fund Attribute Edits, for further information regarding Sponsor Code and Fund Group.

Marketing Orders - Sponsor Category 12

Campuses must code Marketing Orders to Sponsor Category 12 and assign fund group codes in the appropriate fund group indicating Federal, State, Local, and Private funding. Funds in the Federal and State fund groups must be coded with the appropriate Sponsor Code for that Marketing Order Board.

DOE laboratories - Sponsor Category 13

Campuses must code University Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories to Sponsor Category 13 and assign fund group codes in the Federal fund group. The Sponsor Code must be the code for the laboratories:

6760 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
6766 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
6770 Los Alamos National Laboratory

Non-University DOE laboratories must be assigned to the Private fund group code and coded to the appropriate Sponsor Category and, at the campus option, assigned the Sponsor Code for that DOE Laboratory. For example, Sandia National Laboratories in the Private fund group 408200 must be coded as Sponsor Category 04 (Business) and, at the campus option, Sponsor Code 9070.

Intramural Programs

For Intramural Programs funded by external agencies, campuses must assign the project to the fund group of the external sponsor, and use the Sponsor Code for that external agency and appropriate Sponsor Category. Do not use the Sponsor Codes assigned to UC campuses. For example, funds for the National Institute for Global and Environmental Change from the U.S. Department of Energy, received by the Davis campus and then allocated to other campuses, must be coded by all of the campuses as Sponsor Category 01 (Federal) and Sponsor Code 5055 DOE in the Federal fund group.

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