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Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF)

Support Contact

Becky Farmer, (510) 987-0814, E-mail Becky


The Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) System enables the transfer of funds, both permanent and temporary, between the campuses and systemwide locations. Authorized users enter the transfer information into a database via a Web-based application, which validates the account and fund data and ensures that the expenditure and income accounts are in balance, at the Systemwide Accounting Unit (SAU) level. The UCOP Budget Office has oversight for all transfers of funds, and approves, changes, or rejects the transfer requests that are entered each month, after which electronic files of the transfers entered during the cycle are produced for the campuses/locations involved. The system also generates various reports with appropriate levels of detail for campuses, DANR and UCOP divisions, and the Budget Office. This system expedites the process by which transfer requests are initiated, reviewed, and implemented throughout the UC system.

The UCOP Budget Office requires that the campuses/locations use the electronic files generated by the ITF application to update their local General Ledger and Permanent Budget systems.


Access to ITF is limited to authorized University of California staff.

Technical Information

FTP Specifications (PDF) – issued July 9, 2002