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Welcome to the UC Data Operations Hub! This site is aimed at providing information on the UC Data Warehouse (UCDW) and its components which include the UC Information Center website, Business Intelligence and Reporting and Data Validation process.

All questions, comments and suggestions regarding this site can be forwarded via email to

The New UC Information Center

The UC Information Center acts as a public portal to the University of California Data Warehouse. It aims to provide quick, clear and easy access to information about the University of California. The website is open to the entire UC community and the general public. The site is continually adding content as new data comes online and additional participants join the collaborative effort.

Find out more about the UC Information Center

Data Releases

The following data is now available for reporting:

  • Course Enrollment - Fall EOT 2016
  • Degrees Awarded - 2016 Summer File
  • Degree Data Mart - Annual 2016
  • Enrollment Data Mart - Fall 2016
  • Financial Aid - 2016 MAY
  • Graduate Admissions - 2016 Annual File
  • Student Enrollment - Spring 3WK 2016 
  • Undergraduate Admissions - Fall 2016 (OCT)
  • Undergraduate Admissions Data Mart - Fall 2016

Other announcements

  • Make sure that the version of Tableau Desktop that you are running is 10.3.0. The Tableau Server is currently at version 10.3.0. Visit to upgrade your installation.
  • All content from the ITS Legacy Site has been migrated to This includes Student, Contracts and Grants, CPS, EFA, CFS, and more. Click here for more info.
  • The Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) Student data is no longer being updated. All student data has been migrated to the new University of California Data Warehouse (UCDW). Current users of the CDW legacy environment are advised to get intouch with the Data Services team via to request access to the UC Data Warehouse.