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CAF Campus Input Specifications


Campus Input Specifications

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The Corporate Account/Fund Profile System (CAF) is the corporate repository of campus account numbers and attributes (such as account title and account group code) and campus fund numbers and attributes (such as fund title and fund group code). The purpose of this repository is for financial reporting at UCOP. The mapping of local campus account numbers to account group codes and local campus fund numbers to fund group codes provides for a unified chart of accounts for consolidated financial reporting for locations who have not yet adopted the Common Chart of Accounts.

The system receives campus input files monthly, except during fiscal closing when additional files are received according to an annual closing schedule. In addition to data from the campuses, the system also incorporates account and fund attributes for UCOP-managed Endowments, the University of California Retirement System (UCRS), and Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB Trust).

CAF data is rarely used by itself, but is used by several other corporate systems, including: Corporate Financial System (CFS), Consolidated Financial Reporting (CFR), Corporate Contracts and Grants (CGX), and the Corporate Budget System (BUD), among others.

Optional CAF Files for Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) in May CAFITF.APR[yy]

Campuses have the option of sending additional versions of their CAF data for May ITF transactions, after the regular CAF April file has been submitted. Any additional cycles after the regular CAF have been submitted are intended for use in the Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) application only. These additional files must be named differently than the regular monthly CAF file submission (these files will be used as input to the UCOP CAFITF job rather than the regular UCOP CAFEDT edit job). The purpose of allowing campuses to send extra files in May for ITF each year is in case campuses need to add or change account or fund attributes in order to make fiscal year-end entries into the Interlocation Transfer of Funds application (ITF). The May ITF cycle is the last cycle to make entries into the ITF application for the current fiscal year. The campuses send this extra (optional) file to the vsftp site: /ftphome/ftpusr[n]/put/caf/CAFITF.APR[yy].

Campus File Information and Record Layouts

The monthly CAF file contains account numbers and attributes and fund numbers and attributes for the campus. The Corporate Financial System (CFS) relies on the data sent in the CAF file - every account number and fund number appearing in the monthly campus CFS Balances file (CFSBAL) must appear in the corresponding monthly CAF file. The CAF monthly file contains two record types - the record layouts are:

File Submission Information

UCOP Edit Information

UCOP edits each campus and UCOP CAF file submitted. The edit reports are made available to campuses and UCOP with a filename of:


  • cc is the campus abbreviation or UCOP abbreviation
    (BK=Berkeley, SF=San Francisco, DV=Davis, LA=Los Angeles, RV=Riverside,
    SD=San Diego, SC=Santa Cruz, SB=Santa Barbara, IR=Irvine, MC=Merced,
    EN=Endowments, RS=University of California Retirement System (UCRS), TR=OPEB Trust)
  • MMMyy is the effective date of the file, where MMM is
    JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC, JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, PRE (June Preliminary), WSH (June Worksheet), or FNL (June Final)
Further information on specific errors that may appear on the edit reports can be found at:

Data Element Definitions and Lists of Account Group Codes and Fund Group Codes

Link to Corporate Financial System (CFS) information

This page last updated on November 3, 2017