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Subject Areas

  • Annual Wage Reporting (AWR)
    The University of California annually discloses employee payroll information as part of its commitment to transparency and public accountability.  This disclosure has been a regular practice for several years.  Starting with 2013 annual wage data, the University agreed to provide earnings and some employer cost of benefits data to the California State Controller’s Office.
  • Contracts & Grants
    Data related to all proposals and awards for sponsored projects reported by the ten UC campuses, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, the Office of the President and the Agriculture & Natural Resources division. Reporting is managed through Cognos corporate data warehouse reports and Tableau data tables.
  • Course Enrollment
    The course registration snapshots of students at 3rd week and of each academic year term. This data contains information on all courses students engage in during the academic year.
  • Degree
    Information on all UC degrees awarded in an academic year back to 1999. It includes information on the degree type and major field of study, and is used to track growth in degrees and assess graduation rates and time to degree for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Equipment, Facilities & Assets
    The Corporate Equipment, Facilities, and Assets System (EFA) contains information about facilities that house University of California programs (buildings and rooms) and equipment held by the UC campuses, the Office of the President, and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Financial Data Warehouse
    The Corporate Financial Data Warehouse and Amazon Web Services Financial Data Warehouse are repositories of current and historical data originating from the Corporate Account Fund Profile, the Corporate Financial System, the Corporate Budget/Staffing System and the Common Chart of Accounts monthly balances file submissions from campuses who are mapping to the CCOA.
  • Personnel Data
    Data related to the UC employees including employment, demographics, compensation, and benefits from the payroll system.
  • Financial Support
    All financial aid awarded to UC students during the course of the academic year. It includes the award name, type, source, and amount as well as other related student information from the FAFSA such as parent income. These data are used to assess the affordability of a UC education through the calculation of metrics such as net cost and cumulative debt.
  • Graduate Admissions
    Information on all applicants to UC graduate and professional programs since 2002. Updated annually, the data is used to assess the amount and composition of demand for UC graduate programs as well as the selectivity (admit and yield rates) of the programs.
  • Student Enrollment
    Registration snapshots at the 3rd week and end of each academic year term. This data contains information on all students' major field of study, academic progress (units and GPA), and demographic characteristics. These data are used to track growth in student enrollments over time and assess student persistence and graduation rates.
  • Undergraduate Admissions
    Data includes freshman and transfer applicants, admits, and enrollees from 1994 along with students’ academic (high school GPA, standardized test scores, courses completed) and demographic (ethnicity, family income, gender, etc) information. These data are updated multiple times per year and are used for admissions policy evaluation and to assess student college experience at UC and learning outcomes.