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Contracts & Grants

The Corporate Contracts and Grants System (SPX) is a set of databases and processes that provides information about sponsored projects at the University of California. SPX contains data on all university proposals to and awards from governmental agencies and other extramural entities that support project-based activities with contractual or quasi-contractual agreements rather than gifts. The SPX database is updated quarterly with files from the UC campuses, the Office of the President, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. SPX award information includes account and fund numbers, which permit a link to contract and grant expenditure data in the Corporate Financial System. SPX produces reports on a quarterly and annual basis for use by UCOP Research Administration, campus sponsored project offices, and other customers. The reports address proposals, awards, and sponsors, and are available through the UC Report Center for prompted queries, or through the UC Information Center for pre-compiled reports.

Requests for access to Contracts and Grants reporting should be submitted online at .

Have questions about the Contracts and Grants file specifications? Send us an email at: Please prefix the subject of your email with Contracts and Grants.