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Using Cognos

UCOP selected IBM Cognos as the enterprise reporting tool of choice. Depending on your granted access level, Cognos allows you to view/run existing reports, copy an existing report and customize it for your use and assemble data into a personalized package for reporting. Users may request the creation of new reports using the Cognos Report Request form. Email completed report request form to

Accessing Cognos

If you have not used Cognos at UCOP before, please fill out the access request form at You’ll receive an email after your access has been reviewed and granted. Log into Cognos using the same username and password you use to log into your computer. Navigating Cognos is just like any other folder structure. Select the subject area you're interested in and click on the name of the report you'd like to run. If you are a current Cognos user and need access to additional canned reports, send an email to Include your name, location, department, email address and contact number.

Running Reports

Scheduling Reports in Cognos

In order to ensure that any scheduled reports are maintained properly, it's recommended that you do not schedule Cognos reports yourself, but request them to be scheduled for you. Reports can be run daily, weekly, monthly, or based on an event (such as new data being available). Reports can be delivered to your email or made available directly in Cognos, and can be run in either html or excel format. To have a report scheduled for you, please send a request to


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