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Welcome to the UC Data Operations Hub! Questions, comments and suggestions regarding this site can be forwarded via email to


New Common Chart of Accounts [CCoA]

The University of California is implementing a new chart of accounts across all locations. This affects all downstream systems that rely on financial data. Short-term and long-term retrofit work is ongoing for the Financial Aid [FAI] and Contracts and Grants [SPX] content areas.

NOTICE: Campus Input File Re-Submissions

The data being provided to UCOP for systemwide reporting from UC campuses must be validated for accuracy from both a content and format perspective prior to transmission to the systemwide office for processing. UCOP will be able to reload a file only if a subsequent file has not been applied to the data warehouse. If a subsequent file has been loaded into the warehouse, retracting the erroneous information will not be performed. For all questions regarding UC campus input file specifications, send an email to any of these email addresses:

UCB PCSSC & File Transfer

NOTICE: Required Campus Input File Lengths

File lengths for all subject areas (excluding Course Enrollment) must be strictly adhered to. Any files that do not meet the required record length will be rejected and the data will not be loaded. To see full file specifications for all subject areas and the requirements regarding field lengths, visit:

If you have any questions, send an email to or

File  Byte Size
Degree Conferred 405
Student Enrollment 3WK (F,W, SP) 610
Student Enrollment EOT (F, W, SP) 610
Student Enrollment 3WK (summer)  610
Student Enrollment EOT (summer) 610
Course Enrollment 3WK, EOT (F, W, SP, S) N/A
Health Science Resident (fall only) 610
Graduate Admission 204
Student Financial Support 175
Undergraduate Admissions 405
University Student Aid Program (USAP) 149
Contracts & Grants [Award File] 842
Contracts & Grants [Proposal] 681

Recent File Specification Updates [ITLC]

Financial Aid FileBeginning with the January 2020 financial aid submission, UCOP is requesting the addition of two fields -SHIP Waiver and SHIP Term - in the demographic portion of the CSS Financial Support input (academic and summer) files. 

Details of changes made can be found in the ITLC letter transmitted to ITLC members and Campus Registrars.

Contracts & Grants File - Beginning with July 2020 for UCSD. January 2021 for UCM and Required No Later Than July 2023 for all campuses, four additional fields have been added to the award file layout and three additional fields have been added to the proposal file layout. These new fields are due to the transition to the new common chart of accounts [CCoA]. Details of the changes made can be found in the ITLC letter transmitted to ITLC members.

Graduate Admissions File - Beginning with the graduate Admissions input file [CSSGAD] to be submitted February 1st 2022, two new data elements regarding parent/guardian education levels are being requested - Parent-Guardian 1 Education Level and Parent-Guardian 2 Education Level.  This is to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of first-generation students in the UC graduate and professional student population. Details of changes made can be found in the ITLC letter transmitted to ITLC members and Graduate Deans.



Both Tableau servers - UAT and Production have been upgraded to version 2021.2. Upgrade your Tableau Desktop installation to 2021.2. You can download the required desktop version at


Data Releases

The following data is now available for reporting:

  • Undergraduate Admissions - October 2020
  • Undergraduate Admissions Data Mart - October 2020
  • Course Enrollment - Summer 3WK 2021-22
  • Student Enrollment - Summer 3WK 2021-22
  • Enrollment Data Mart - Spring 3WK 2020-21
  • Graduate Admissions - 2020 Annual File
  • Financial Aid - May 2021 
  • Degrees Awarded - Annual Degree 2020-21
  • Degree Data Mart - Annual Degree 2020-21
  • Contracts & Grants - Fourth Quarter - 2021